For sellers, the most dreaded part of listing their home is getting their home in “show ready” condition. What does that mean exactly? Most sellers would say it means not letting you pets, spouse, or kids touch or breathe on anything for weeks. Staging your home for showings doesn’t have to be as complicated or stressful as people may think. So, what’s the secret you ask?

Leverage some help! While hiring stagers for your home can be a great option, most homes can be prepared with what the seller already has. The best money to spend while preparing your home is having some one deep clean and pressure wash for you. Make sure to include windows and baseboards! A deep clean can make a huge difference in pictures and in showings.

Declutter your rooms. By decluttering we mean taking a few chairs out of the dining room so it’s not as crowded. Taking extras off counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. Make the spaces feel more open and inviting. Having a few pieces of furniture in each room is great to show what the space can be. Having too much furniture in rooms can make them seem smaller than they really are. We suggest making rooms simple and elegant leaving the imagination up to potential buyers on what else they could do with the space.

Take up your rugs. This is often a trick most people forget to share. By taking up the rugs in your foyer, bathrooms, and large living spaces you can show off your gorgeous floors!

Lights! Make sure to check all light fixtures and lamps replace all lightbulbs that are burnt out. Light makes a huge difference in photos!

Paint using neutral colors. Do you think your walls need a makeover? We would suggest using very neutral colors to appeal to the most buyers. One of the more popular colors to use is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. Reach out to us if you have any questions on what colors would look best with your home and we would be happy to assist you.

Pets & kids.  Have pets or children and don’t think hiding every Barbie or chew toy is possible? Don’t worry! Embrace your kid’s rooms and don’t worry about repainting over their cute themed room. Make sure beds are made and toys are organized within the room. We would suggest lining a back wall with bigger toys and organize the smaller ones in the closet or in fashionable baskets. For pets we would suggest tucking away crates of any kind. For showings putting the crates in the garage would be the best option. Toys can be tucked away in a basket and we suggest putting food/ water bowls tucked away for showings and pictures. Litter  boxes should be cleaned regularly and tucked away for showings and pictures. If you have dogs that use the bathroom in the yard we would suggest making sure the backyard is clear of landmines before starting showings.

Curb appeal. First impressions mean everything! If you have a single-family home or town home you are selling, make sure to do a little improvement on your landscaping to really wow buyers from the start. We suggest doing fresh pine needles/ mulch before pictures and showings start. Make sure the lawn is cut and make sure bushes are trimmed and plant little flowers if necessary for a pop of color. Removing window screens from the front of the home will help make the windows pop in pictures.

We hope these few tips helps settle your mind in preparing your home to list. If you would like more tips and tricks to staging a home, we would be happy to assist you. If you or anyone you know is considering listing a home, please give our team a call. We would love the opportunity to talk with you!